To Be Entangled

Why are the best and most impressive athletes across every sport always described as fluid, effortless, and graceful?

Fans are left in awe by their ability to make the impossible look trivial. We always hear that these players are so gifted, one-in-a-million, a gift from god, etc. But what if I told you that this is merely nature fostered to her fullest uninhibited by 21st century conveniences and superiority? In other words, that the power and freedom of movement we see expressed in such a relaxed manner is possible, to a degree, by anyone with the correct training, nourishment, and environment.

This new lens is what I call the Entangled Nature of the human body.

I describe these world-class athletes as Entangled.

💡 Quantum entanglement is the binding together of two particles or objects, even though they may be far apart – their respective properties are linked in a way that’s not possible under the rules of classical physics.

It’s a weird phenomenon that Einstein described as “spooky action at a distance”.

Fully intertwined with all nature has to offer. Subconsciously, their body and mind are connected from top to bottom. Without knowing it, they utilize the hidden system nature built into humans and other species to create the necessary mechanisms for extreme power, speed, and stamina. Why is it that some kids train day after day, the years role by, and they aren’t much better?

We then see gifted talents do less training but perform far better on the field. All the extra training is almost meaningless if the underlying system we mentioned above is malfunctioning or not entangled. Without this framework from which your body relies on to develop and upgrade itself from the years of training and playing, you will see pain, frustration, and injuries. Entangled represents the complete cohesion of your body and brain. You would be surprised how many things in today’s western culture actually stunts and hampers the growth and development of our young athletes. This includes the ever-increasing number of non-contact injuries in what used to be college players and now is becoming high school aged players and younger.

Theses injuries take away years from your career, permanently affect your performance if you allow it, and cause immense stress and hardship for you and your loved ones. Problems like this have become normal, and conventional medicine blames bad luck. This is fortunately not the case. It is merely a symptom of not being entangled, being out of touch with your body’s potential, and a wake-up call that what you were doing was not working.

“If trying hard didn’t work, trying harder is doing more of what didn’t work.”

Charles Eisenstein
Learn to train like the gazelle not a bodybuilder.
Learn to live like a sphinx not an esports gamer.

If you want change, you must change.

The Entangled View

First you must realize that things are never as simple as they seem. There is never just one thing, one problem, or one reason behind it all. You can usually get down to a root cause but that requires an understanding to traverse the entangled maze we call human life. There will usually always be multiple factors when discussing an injury, performance plateau, or aging issue. Everything affects everything. The human body is interlaced across multiple dimensions or layers. It is not just one layer. The good part though is that if you simply trust in Nature’s blueprint and work with her then these problems (symptoms) usually take care of themselves.

Nature took 4 billion years to create this thing you’re walking in, and you want to instead trust in a 12 week man-made study?

Incomplete information leads to misconceptions. Single level thinking ignores the underlying complexities hidden within the entangled nature of the human body. What you don’t know that you don’t know will affect you regardless of whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. This means that misguided effort will not garner results no matter how much of it you give.

Becoming entangled is understanding that smart work is hard. Hard work is easy. It means realizing that operating different is how you get difference in results. It’s understanding that someone saying you should do something just because it’s hard or because it’s tough is close to stupidity.

Always look deeper for truth. It’s hidden in plain sight. It might not be there at first, but if you keep at it then it will show itself to you when you are ready. Most of all, always demand the best from yourself. You deserve it, remember? Don’t settle for just okay or good enough when the best is still out there waiting for you to catch it. Don’t settle for B, C, or D when A is hiding in plain sight. Don’t settle for suboptimal because of convenience or comfort. Chase optimal. Chase the Entangled Footballer.

The Entangled Footballer is coming 🧬. Effortless Athleticism is your birthright. Working with Nature is how we get it back.

The Ultimate Power

Everyone holds his fortune in his own hands, like a sculptor the raw material he will fashion into a figure, But it’s the same with that type of artistic activity as with all others: We are merely born with the capability to do it. The skill to mold the material into what we want must be learned and attentively cultivated.

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Approaching the Entangled Nature of Elite Athleticism to unlock your hidden potential within.

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You’ll understand why the endless ball mastery drills aren’t taking you to the next level. You’ll finally get why there are those kids who never do any extra training, but on game day, they’re outperforming everyone on the field. Ultimately, you will finally have a plan of knowledge guiding your development based on actual success.

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