Entangled Training Guide

Become Your Own Football Trainer​

Start your journey towards effortless athleticism and permanent upgrades in your footballing ability.

  • Drop the endless ball mastery, cone drills, and expensive trainers.
  • Learn the Maximal Intent Principle that makes all your training game-like as possible and develop your creativity.
  • Learn how to warmup in a way that doesn’t hurt your performance like I see most footballers doing.
  • Regain full functionality of your feet so that all your training is actually effective.
  • Fix the underlying cause of injuries and pain before it starts hurting while also becoming more athletic.

Full Price $59

Everything you need to have the most optimal individual training sessions:

  • Spectrum 1 Internal Foundation Work – Build your root
  • Entangled Warmup
  • Maximal Intent Principle
  • A plan for how to progress your training as you develop
  • The Beginner Package for becoming Entangled and Working with Nature

The guide will be delivered by email where you shall receive a link and password to access the exclusive webpage. This is a one-time fee where you shall receive future upgrades for free.

As this is a digital product, I can not offer refunds. I can however offer my fullest attention to make sure your needs are met. Please email me at footballentangled@gmail.com with questions or concerns.

To anyone that believes how you do anything is how you do everything, Football Entangled is a key step on the journey to reaching your full potential within football and from there life.
Richard Chin
England Charlton Athletic FC
I have been part of the Entangled Tribe for just a few months and already it has changed the way I play and the way I see the world around me. Not only have I developed physically but also technically and psychologically. The Way of the Natural is the only path to develop genuine talent and pure athleticism.
Jacob Thompson
Spain FC Malaga City