The Entangled Tribe Private Community

The ultimate football development group

This is my tribe of aspiring and professional footballers who are striving for effortless athleticism and pushing the boundaries of human potential. We demand world-class health and performance.

In a society that continues to connect online, we are losing our real-life connections to each other. Every footballer needs a team, a network, a group of teammates to back him or her up when the time comes. Other aspiring footballers keep you honest in your pursuit for greatness. The lone wolf does not make it. The man who lives on an island does not grow.

Both aspiring and professional footballers lack a comprehensive resource to help them navigate the football world. I’ve heard so many footballers who’ve told me they would have said no to surgery or would not have been in the gym if they just had known better… If only they had known, they could have saved themselves years of money, time, and suffering.

Is this the right tribe for YOU?

Maybe, maybe not

If you answered yes to the questions above then this is the place for you!

There is so much information out there nowadays that it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fake. You only have so much time to become a pro footballer. Every day counts. The value and guidance I offer will save you years of useless training, not to mention money wasted on other trainers, gyms, supplements, and healthy foods. The longer you wait to invest in expertise, the less time you’ll have to actually develop as a footballer.

This platform offers a complete network of unique training methodologies applicable to any sport and lifestyle/nutritional education to optimize every facet of your body and brain. I teach you to think for yourself and discern the truth from the thousands of dollars people consistently waste on one-dimensional trainers, nutritionists, and lifestyle coaches.

You will also have full access to my private blog in which I’ve streamlined my life-long obsession of athletic development into actionable and inexpensive key principles.

You will learn to train and live through the secrets of nature that built the elites.

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This is a select unique group of men and women destined for success in the world of football and probably beyond. I will not say much as there is much to learn.

This will be your first step towards a total transformation. Change is not easy and sometimes scary, but without it, there will be no improvement, no success.

Some things you read here will go against what you’ve heard all your life or what you’ve assumed to be true. This is normal.

The top 1% of athletes do not do what the 99% do, or else they would not be the top 1%.. Learn to trust your intuition (your gut feeling) and soon many of these things will be obvious.

Joining the community will begin changing your daily training, living, and eating habits tomorrow or even better, now. You will be invited to discuss, ask for help, and offer advice to fellow tribe members.

Read my private blog posts with an open mind. Question all assumptions one might have around health and football, and nothing will be out of your reach.

I look forward to working with you!

  • You’ll have access to a large variety of guides surrounding training, lifestyle, and nutrition that make up the pieces for the puzzle we call world class talent.
  • There are multiple programs in regard to building the Internal Foundation and becoming built like the Natural. Being in the tribe also gives you access to select pieces from the Way of the Natural II Course.
  • You’ll also of course have access to years of Q&A between me and other highly motivated footballers to ask questions and learn from our experiences. Multiple of my experienced moderators are always around to answer questions and help you along the process.
  • As there are many high level professional footballers in the tribe, it’s expected you will respect their time and privacy and not bombard any one player with messages or comments.
  • We have monthly live stream Q&As with myself that you can hop on and ask questions!
  • I also share interesting links and videos I am reading through in real time which I share in the tribe. This is truly a private social media platform solely for footballers.

You immediately get access to our Entangled Tribe Private Community. A private mobile application with dozens of guides, years of previous Q&A, and access to over 200 other Entangled footballers.

As of right now there are:

  • 20+ private blog research articles
  • 20+ guides on different aspects of becoming Entangled
  • 2+ years of Q&A between me and other footballers
  • Recorded live stream Q&A sessions
  • 7 Preview lessons from the WOTN

As I know it is a big investment for the WOTN II Course, if you spend 12 consecutive months in the Tribe on the Private Community plan and I see you engaged and making progress, you will earn a free upgrade to the WOTN II Course!

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Support our community & I as we strive to push the boundaries of Football development. This assists the growth and independence of my platform. Help contribute to my personal freedom so I can continue to pursue world-class athletic performance in Football and translate the key principles back to you.