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Who’ve learnt The Way of the Natural and joined the Private Community.

Richard Chin

UK, Charlton Athletic FC

I joined Football Entangled from the moment I turned professional and had finished school due to my curiosity both with fascia work and a holistic approach to becoming an elite footballer.

This programme formed the core rehab routine whilst I was recovering from a grade 3 high ankle ligament tear and since then I haven’t looked back. By applying these principles and working on fascia based exercises I’ve noticed a real time translation into sensations I feel whilst playing football as well as a reduction in post-game soreness, particularly with dead legs i thought I would suffer from and turn out to heal within 24-48 hours with minimal pain.

To anyone that believes how you do anything is how you do everything, football entangled is a key step on the journey to reaching your full potential within football and from there life.

Jacob Thompson

Spain, FC Malaga City

I have been part of the Entangled Tribe for just a few months and already it has changed the way I play and the way I see the world around me. Not only have I developed physically but also technically and psychologically. The Way of the Natural is the only path to develop genuine talent and pure athleticism.

Juan Pablo


The Way of the Natural Presentation has benefited me immensely. I already played professionally in Liga Primera in Nicaragua so I thought I had no more room for improvement and all I had to do was keep my “healthy habits” going to eventually reach the highest levels of professional football. I wanted more but realized I was plateaued… so I decided to take on Football Entangled. Let me tell you; and take it from me, a professional footballer… it was THE BEST decision i have ever made to achieve my desired results.

My lifestyle, performance, health, athleticism, connections from my feet and so much more all improved. I feel so happy and healthy. Everything is dissected for top class performance and I was intrigued. I used to slave at the gym and tear myself up at training everyday. I look back at videos and I’m nowhere near as good as I am now. I am tan, lean, springy, better looking, quicker… etc. I used to be too big and I looked clumsy/fatigued. I’m enjoying football so much now and also I realized playing became effortless. I literally look like a top pro footballer now, everywhere I go people stare at me because I have this glow, swagger and confidence Football Entangled gave me. I even got scouted by multiple clubs. Game changer.

Working with Football Entangled has improved every aspect of my game and life (can’t even put it into one) and it’s hard to explain but now I just know I’m unstoppable. I’m banging goals left and right, taking players’ ankles with ease, walking tall, leaving defenders in the dust… oh and let me tell you I get out of skills so much quicker! My foot bounces off the floor so fast so my contact time is minimal… it’s incredible!

Everywhere I play, even before playing, I’m smiling because I know I have an edge. Ball connection is insane as well, I can ping 60 yard balls with ease and smash volleys coming from every direction. I couldn’t do that consistently before, now I can. Ankle stiffness gave me that. The best part is, I barely started a few months ago and I’m so excited for the room of improvement I have. A toast to this platform and to the real path of elite performance. Thank you Football Entangled.



Mate your page is class, its unlike anything i have seen on Instagram. The program is facts on facts and it can benefit the life of everyone, not only football players. Your private community provides an inside look how to become faster and more fluid in football. You can ask any question there about anything and you wont be judged only guided. This page, the program and the private community have changed my look on football and made me fall even more in love with the game. It made me faster, more fluid and better at football. I recommend it 100% 🙌🏼🙏🏼



Starting the Way of the Natural programme has changed my perspective on football a lot. Used to do a lot of isolated movements with weights and kept on getting injured a lot. This changed my outlook completely. Now my body feels more integrated when running with the ball and I can flow a lot better. Connecting my posterior chain together through fascia means my glutes and hamstrings are firing a lot when I’m playing. Also a lot more enjoyable than a lot of other training methods out there! This presentation and community are highly worth the small investment, in the long run it improves you as a footballer!



I’ve been able to rise the standards for myself – on and off the pitch. My health has improved so much, I’m closer to my desired physique and every time I play, I feel like I’m playing cage football – in a flow state. I don’t fear getting injured or feel little niggles going into training or matches and my recovery has improved a lot that I could have about 5 or 6 heavy days with training and matches during the week compared to me only having about 2-3 sessions per week – even though I’ve been doing less ‘hard work’. Less is more. I’m on a much clearer path to success for my career and for my personal goals. Great investment, definitely recommend.



I was like everyone else going to gym building muscles and always having a thought that I will be “fit” if I go to gym. By going to the gym, to be honest I start becoming slow, frustrated the way I play and always overthinking when i am on the field. Just like everyone else I thought “Work hard grind hard” will work and I had lot of mild ankle sprain and I didn’t know it was the sign of my body is not working properly but I kept on going until one day, I had a terrible ankle sprain that almost have to went for surgery. That was the day I knew my body isn’t working the way it supposed to and it made me realize I was going the wrong direction that led to “The non-contact injury”. I started to realize that athleticism is something that has to do with nature and our living environment. How did I realize it ? Answer: Football Entangled He made me realize so much because of his Instagram page. His Instagram page is top class with full of great facts that will benefit so many youngsters. Besides that, Football Entangled has his own private community, the community is the game changer it provides almost all the insides to make sure you will be able to achieve elite athleticism. The community is not just about football but its about our life too because I learn from Football Entangled that “Everything affects everything”. Every single details in our life matters to achieve elite athleticism. You can literally ask anything because no one judges you in the community and everyone is friendly. His private blogs are world-class🔥, you won’t learn in the school or college about this. The details are gold and I don’t think you can find it anywhere else. What i benefited from all of this? I am a winger/striker and as a winger/striker we must score goals and I did just that, I wasn’t overthinking like before, I am just playing with the “flow” and that “flow” is insane🔥. I easily nutmeg so many players when they want to take the ball from me and I am scoring goals every time I was playing and it was effortless, I was feeling I can do this all day like I am in the age of 12 year old, it was incredible🔥. This feeling was so different and I am in love with football even more because there is so much room for improvement. This community is so worth it, I am from Asia and the currency is definitely a thing to consider but I still went for it and I am so glad I did that because now I am developing my “talent” and enjoying the process. No matter how many times I thank Football Entangled is not enough because he is the real deal🔥 and I would recommend to everyone out there because I am sad to see so many “talented” players getting injured. Make sure you are going the right path!!



Coach I just want to take a moment and thank you for what you are doing. I was a bit skeptical at first but each day I am more and more convinced in your methods. I’ve been apart of the community for one month and I haven’t seen mega changes yet, and I also had so many adhesions, that I was starting to get a bit frustrated… I always had the no pain-no gain mindset, non stop hard-work etc. I fell into the mainstream trap. Me as a player I am very technical but not very muscular so when i was younger I felt much smoother, but in the last 2 years I started doing many cone drills and going to the gym as well with the idea that I will outwork the competition. It wasn’t until 3 months ago that I was lifting even more weights. I gained a small amount of muscle but became much less agile and less faster. The worst part is that I was loosing my touch. l felt like a wood plank and started panicking. I wasn’t in a very good place physically and mentally. Then I found your page a month and a half ago, I became so interested that I wanted to join the community but I didn’t have the money, so I started work for a month to earn some money and this was the best decision in my life! We started pre-season on Monday. Monday till Friday we only did off the ball work like running, conditioning, strength etc… But today we did only ball-work for the first time I was very very tired because I have been training my legs and my upper body for 5 days non-stop. I was very curious to see if what people are telling is true and it turned out…. IT IS! I HAVE REGAINED MY TOUCH AND I AM VERY TECHNICAL ONCE AGAIN!! My weak foot was trash like soo trash but today I pinged a perfect 35 yard ball with it, but I legit don’t know how I did it! This is the result of only 3 weeks of fascia training and heavy legs… so I can imagine what will happen when I am 6 months into fascia training and I am well rested! And lastly….. MY CONFIDENCE I feel like I am much more confident now, I don’t know why but I think its mainly because I know sometimes that others don’t, I train in a way that others don’t and I feel that i am so far ahead of them. There is nothing I can say apart from THANK YOU VERY MUCH ❤️…. This is only the beginning 🤞



After suffering a knee injury, my return to the sport I love was constantly pushed back, and I was left chasing my own tail doing exercises that were only creating a bigger problem. During those 3 months of endless pain, physio appointments, and time and money wasted on traditional methods of rehab, I began to question myself and those around me. When I eventually returned, I was no where near the footballer I used to be. I had lost my effortless dribbling ability, speed and was constantly being pushed around on the field. Another month went by, and my future looked uncertain, spending time on the bench with an ankle injury. Desperate to keep my dream of becoming an elite footballer alive, I tried to cover up my dysfunction with tape, strapping, etc, which never worked… Then I stumbled across Football Entangled. With a new mindset, I joined the tribe ready to grow and work with nature. From day one I felt welcome in the tribe. I never felt judged, only guided, and the constant feedback allowed me to grow and learn everyday. Working with nature, I took 1 step back, and two steps forward. I never thought I would come this far after constantly being pushed back, and seeing my dream slowly slip away from me. By fostering the inner furnace, internal foundation and the game I walk around knowing I have an edge over everyone else, who are still trapped in the “grind and pray” hoping they’ll make it. Thanks to Football Entangled, I now feel happier, healthier, and my abilities have extremely improved across the board. Now I don’t just have a dream… I have a plan. Working with nature has made me feel like I’m ready to reach the next level here in my country. This page is a real game changer 🔥



So, I’m 22 years old, and I’ve been dealing with chronic knee pain for almost 6 years since I was 17. Numerous ACL tears, Meniscus tears, on both knees, constant pain, I couldn’t play without thinking about my knees. I’ve done the cycle of rehab and gym training over and over again, going through everything that society provides as a way to deal with injuries. However, it didn’t help at all and if I could start all over again I would not even touch a gym bar or train like I was before. I’ve wrecked my own body thinking it was helping and got deprived of some years of my career. I came across Football Entangled a few months ago, in the search of a way to get back to playing full-time football and being able to recover from all those years of bad training. Although being skeptical at first because of how different the approach is, once you have all the knowledge you don’t hesitate and go right into it. People focus too much on the form sometimes whereas they neglect what’s inside of our bodies, thinking it’s just muscles. In only 4 months, I got rid of all I’ve been trying to get rid of for the past 6 years. My body is superior to my younger days, my football ability went through the roof and it’s just the beginning. A simple and effective approach that allows you to feel the work you’ve put in and experience it on the pitch. So Football Entangled is the way to go if you want to say goodbye to your chronic injuries and level up your body.