The Inner Furnace

Health is more than just calories. The body is more than just carbs, fats, and proteins. You can go all the way down to electrons or even farther to pure light and consciousness. Whatever you lean towards, understand that there is much more to optimal health and recovery than just what the nutrition label says on the back of your processed foods.

The mitochondria produce their own extreme low-frequency ultraviolet light (ELF-UV) to communicate to other mitochondria. This is a fire inside of you that can be fostered or put out depending on your physical and mental environment.


We must go to the cellular level to understand the Inner Furnace. It revolves around the mitochondria which many call the powerhouse of the human cell. What is not taught is how the performance of your mitochondria is controlled by your environment (which includes much more than you might think).

The best way to think about it is to imagine a car. Food is the fuel and mitochondria is the engine. What is more effective? The best gasoline or a tuned-up engine? It doesn’t matter what kind of fuel you have if your engine is broken down and rusty. This will make many food gurus angry.

“Without healthy mitochondria, your blood and organs are not able to magnetically connect to hormones, etc and bring them to where they need to go, in other words, to function” Dr. Jack Kruse

By optimizing your mitochondria, you improve your redox. Your redox is how well your mitochondria can carry out the functions necessary to live. Your redox is how well your engine operates.

“Redox is a function of how well we are able to turn the two sources of energy on this planet into DC current” Dr. Jack Kruse

Whether directly or indirectly, all top footballers have extremely well-functioning mitochondria. This means their redox is extremely efficient.

There are three levers that control the performance of your mitochondria. You will learn how everything in our world falls under these three levers and usually involves all three.

Light controls and dictates every biological function in your body. You have 4 light receptors in your body: Skin, Gut, Eye, and Lungs. You could literally not live without it.

Water in the body creates something called an Exclusion Zone (also known as structured water) This is the 4th phase of water coined by Dr. Gerald Pollock. The mitochondrial matrix requires well-structured water to function optimally. Light imprints water with information.

Magnetism is invisible and a concept most do not understand. Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons: the makings of an atom. It is what all of human life boils down to. The Earth emits a magnetic field called the Schumann resonance.

Light, Water, and Magnetism act as the three-legged stool controlling life as coined by Dr. Jack Kruse.

“The cosmic wand is light. Water is its canvas. Magnetism organizes the whole interaction between Light and Water. Magnetism is based in the mitochondria” Dr. Jack Kruse