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Welcome to the Working with Nature free starter course! This is your introduction to everything Football Entangled. You can return to this homepage at any time to access the below material.

Over the next 14 days, you’ll be receiving a new email each morning to expand your understanding of what The Entangled Footballer truly is. Before we can begin working with Nature, we must first stop working against it. Start with my free report below to begin. After reading that, return here and continue.

As you’ll see, there is a trend that will present itself. The more you interfere with your connection to Nature, the more problems you will have. Like I’ll say time and time again, Nature hides her secrets in plain sight.

At the same time, she is more complex and sophisticated than any human invention could ever comprehend. The best footballers among us, unconsciously were developed closely interlaced with nature. This is why we study The Natural.

The modern world has turned the average footballer into the unknowing saboteur. So we must equip ourselves with wisdom and knowledge to avoid the pitfalls of the masses.

Some things you read will challenge the status quo and what many take for granted, but remember, there are no lies in Nature. Nature does not care for human convenience nor what is considered normal. Her laws bend for no one.

So now it begins, take a look below for the actionable tips and practices you can begin implementing for The Three Pillars of World Class Performance. Make sure to keep up each morning with the reading and let me know on IG how it is going.

The Three Pillars


The Inner Furnace, Internal Foundation, and The Game are the three organizing concepts I’ve created to encapsulate the Entangled Nature of sport. In essence, they help create a map that we can use to become the very best through the laws of Nature.


Get into the Sun as much as you can all day. Start with the sunrise in the morning and build up your tolerance.

This optimizes your Inner Furnace in more ways than you can imagine. It is like charging up your cellular battery and sculpting your body.

Avoid all artificial light as much as possible. Toss out the sunglasses and sunscreen.

Modern technology is not your friend. It should be avoided or mitigated as much as possible. This means cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, microwaves, video game consoles, wireless headphones, and all other modern devices with blue-lit screens. Airplane mode is your best friend.


The Internal Foundation begins at the feet. Your root to the Earth from which we walk upon.



The intention here is for you to begin regaining the full functionality of your toes and arch. It is the beginning of a fascial-based training system that gives you the tools to become built like the Natural from the ground up.


Bird on a Branch

Lymphatic Hops

Single Leg Balance

Grounded Barefoot Walk

2-3 minutes each foot for each exercise 4x/week.


Early Specialization


Athleticism is not about constant specialized training. It is about freedom of movement.

A major reason why we see so many injuries nowadays, especially in young athletes, is this push to specialize into one sport at an early age.

What this does is limit your movement vocabulary and long-term potential as an athlete. Throughout childhood the body and brain is constantly growing and hungry for new information.

This is supposed to come upon the playground, court, or park. Playing all kinds of different sports and allowing your body to develop new understanding about oneself. This comes through constant trial and error as you try new movements and skills.

When you limit kids to repetitive ball drills, training camps, and a single sport too early on, you are lowering your long-term potential.

If you are 14 or younger, I recommend playing as many sports as possible. If you are older, you can still cross-train for fun in your free time, rest days, or as a warm-up.

Even learning new skills like hand juggling, different languages, and typing/instruments is a worthwhile hobby to expand your cognitive abilities.

Play small-sided games 2-4 times a week. This can be futsal, street football, or anything from 2v2 up to 8v8. The Game is where top players are molded. The Court is where top players are made. This is the way.

Ball mastery and drilling should be purely supplemental. Utilizing the Maximal Intent Principle I talk about in my Private Blog, you can learn how to push the limits of your ability and really get into a flow state. It shows you how to make your individual and partner training game-realistic and more effective.

Video Material


Course Schedule

Day 5 – To Be Entangled

Day 6 – The Natural

Day 7 – Superiority

Day 10 – Beware the Trainer

Day 11 – Beware the Gym

Day 13 – Knowledge Separates the Best from the Worst

Day 14 – It’s not really about Hard Work


Frequently Asked Questions


It is okay to do as a general workout for health and physique but won’t build fascia connections or develop your athleticism.

I don’t recommend speed and agility work on the soft sand. The instability of the sand requires higher levels of ankle stiffness that most do not have. Even then the increased stability demands that are not present on grass or concrete cause your body to deprioritize speed.

Well pros are there because for one, they’re told to be. Second, many players like the social media validation of posting gym pics or the hormonal boost. Third, unfortunately many are taught to believe it helps performance and prevents injury in a wicked level of stockholm syndrome. Read more here.

No, there is always a reason behind an injury. The human body was never meant to merely break down or succumb to adversity at first sight. You would not be here today if the human body was that useless.

No, this is another rationalization that many cling to protect their beliefs and jobs. increased demands (too many games) merely shines a light on the underlying dysfunctions hiding away in one’s body.

They can be helpful at higher levels of fascial ability. Very good ankle stiffness is needed. It’s important to focus on the fundamentals first.

Top athletes with high level fascial ability can create free energy with each step using the fascial biotensegrity structures in the body. Think of a spring or pogo stick.

These are words used when someone doesn’t know how to explain something. It ends any investigation. It’s really an excuse to give up and blame what you (think you) cannot control. Talent is just a word attached to a set of traits most people don’t quite understand.

This comes from bodybuilding and biomechanical-focused weight lifters who want to see specific joint angles for the specific movements like squats and deadlifts. Although in reality this is not how the body operates out in Nature or on the field. No one is squatting to parallel. If you look at all top athletes, they have very stiff ankles through fascial tension which is not the same thing as muscle tightness.

Well yes in theory but then we have experts trying to use symptom-based models to fix the supposed insufficient mobility/flexibility. This creates a domino effect of other unforeseen issues that spiral into more injury or decreased performance. You want to ask why is there poor mobility in a joint or inflexibility across a muscle group….

Well ask the Natural who is ripped and lean while eating McDonalds and going to bed at 2AM. When you have the higher levels of mitochodnrial function and fascial connection, your body has a different set of parameters. Muscle is maintained much easier and your hormone levels are far more optimal. Combined with the correct work, good nourishment, and your desired choice of sport, then optimal physique is perfectly achievable.

It did the hamster on the wheel no benefit to run harder. It doesn’t matter how hard you paddle your boat if you are headed the wrong direction. A plane facing even a few degrees the wrong direction will end up extremely off course not before long.

What we’ve seen in top athletes like Messi and LeBron specifically shows us that even terrible falls or tackles can be survived with very minimal damage. Fascial biotensegrity explains how. The body becomes better at evenly absorbing incoming force across the whole body instead of the direct bone. Think of trying to use force to break through a rubber band.

Well first you need to ask why you feel you want to add muscle and get bigger. Is it because you are underweight for your age or do you feel insecure in front of women? There is much research that shows testosterone levels shoot up when higher levels of posterior chain activation is achieved. Upgrading your fascial connection level unlocks more of your posterior chain that was previously unused. Combining that with learning how to upgrade your mitochondrial function and properly nourish your body is a plan for elite physique.

Yes many experts operate off a muscle-based view of the human body. They assume one muscle does that and one muscle does that. They assume you just need to get stronger. When many experts are asked what getting stronger really means, they’ll often resort to a weight-based response saying it means you can lift more weight. Then ask yourself if that actually translates to real life or to your sport…

This depends where you are starting on the spectrum of fascial ability. Some could see results in weeks while others will need months. Your athletic history including injuries and childhood will play a big part in the transformation.

It means you have a high level of fascial connection from the feet to the glutes. The glutes are 75-85% fascial inserts. This means without the fascia connection, you have access to very little of your glutes. Your brain chooses to utilize the glutes and posterior chain instead of the quads during movement.

Well fascial molding in the feet can be an indication of fascial ability. If you are considered athletic by your peers, it’s very likely you already have a decent level of fascial connection. If you feel glutes or abs while your run and play football then that is a good sign. With that said, it is rather a mute point because we all have room to grow regardless of our current position upon the spectrum of fascial fitness.

What Next?


Are you going to let other footballers rise above you? Are you going to sit by and let yourself be vulnerable to injury and poor performance?

When you’re ready for the full package, check out The Way of the Natural II Course and the Private Community! This is where I give you the tools for world class football development while treating the root cause of health and performance.